On Human Rights

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I’m going to try and articulate something that is difficult for me, so bear with me and try to read it all the way through… This is about people. I know, that’s pretty obvious from the title, but hang on a minute. “You see normal human beings have 40 DNA memo groups… which is more than enough for any species

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My first custom helmet paintjob

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After having it sitting around for almost a year, I finally was able to paint the helmet I bought for the purpose. Below is a slideshow of the process.  

Win $3200 in Camping Gear and a Camping Trip for 2!

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Follow this link to enter: http://swee.ps/ROYVquB package includes – camping trip for 2 Spend two nights at one of five select Hipcamp locations on the water, with roundtrip airfare & rental car provided by UBB oru beach kayak + paddle tentsile flite tree tent $750 chacos.com gift card $750 unitedbyblue.com online gift card

New Look & Feel

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Pardon the mess. Playing around with a few new themes. I’ll be writing some stories to come, covering some old ground, and some new. Please stay tuned as I adjust the layout, and get a few other things in order. In the meantime, here’s a kitten for your enjoyment… This is our friends cat now. We cared for him until

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Time to take a new look.

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It’s time to review this site, set up a new look and feel, and actually start updating it on a regular basis. I have quite a few pictures I could post, and a few stories I could tell. So, if there’s anyone paying attention, expect a few changes soon…

Late April Update…

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Clearly I need to write more… Last weekend I road with a group up the coast and on a bunch of country roads, putting around 900 miles on the bike in three days. It was a lot of fun, and the Big Sur area of the California Coast is really spectacular. On Sunday, one of the others in the group

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Quick update… February 2015…

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I have been remiss in keeping this up to date, and put quite a few miles on the little SV since the last time I mentioned it in 2013… It now has over 25,000 miles on the odometer. I’ve put 1 new front, and 2 rear tires on it, and this weekend will be putting on a fresh (front and

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Distant space exploration started today…

stephenhj/ December 5, 2014/ Space/

I don’t know if anyone else is excited about today’s ‪#‎Orion‬ launch, but something BIG happened this morning… This morning was the first test flight of the next space exploration vehicle. Orion tail number 001 was successfully launched at just after 4am this morning, and splashed down around 8:30am. This is the first step in human exploration of the solar

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Just a quick May Day note…

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Had to get this little video up. Just a GIF of my friend going down in the surf at the Huntington Beach Pier this morning… More pictures on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10203521757825113.1073741857.1249265706&type=1

Looking for a new home for one of our cats

stephenhj/ July 5, 2013/ Home & Family/

PDF Flyer attached, but here’s the basics… Sprite, our grey and white tabby, needs a new home. We are relocating too California, into rental, and can’t take her with us. She’s sweet. Please take her home and love like we did. SpriteFlyer Keep in mind, she’s currently in West Seattle. If you’d like to take her home with you, please

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